Manifesting the Will of the Universe… Negura Bunget... foggy black above deep, dark, dense, never-ending forests of mythical heights and atmospheres… Looking through the elevated magical significance of the fog, carrying the ancient sorcerers between the worlds, seeing the old wood mark of the forest’s anima; there opens the untouched land meant as Transilvania. A magic chosen place… for that which was to be fulfilled. The circumscribed circle of the tense inner reality where all human perception, intellect and experience merge.
Beyond this open the gates of the unknown, that can be revealed to the human conscience, and then the un-cognoscible. Surpassing, blasting the limits of the contingency… to elevate the conscience, to melt it in a new ocean of sense, the Transcendent, the Universe.
Gathering all these knowledge, passive and static like clear ice stone… the magic time untwines, ascending the person by practice, interior sacrificing, activating the change. The Ideology of Transcendence. Melting the conscience in with the Will of the Universe the human natural nature creates the ritual methodology of the Transilvanian Spirituality. ZSALAMOLKXISA!
To overpass the human form all these traditions, rituals, methodologies had to be elevated beyond their inner laical nature. This latent mythological content, materialized unconscious though tradition may be activated consciously as a manifestation of the Will. It also offers a frame for the individual to unconsciously evolve along, ennobling at the same time human spirit on its initiatic journey towards achieving the liberation of the conscience.
At the core of human wisdom, affected by the spiritual emanations of the land. The bound in man and its surrounding natural… spiritual landscape, a special way of accessing the transcen-esseces… a local charm… captured!
With the potency of materializing The Will (different from the wish) Negura Bunget enters a new step on its spiritual endeavor, whose becoming represents its initiation.
Negura Bunget‘s lyrical magic seeks the access to the transcendent Black Metal essences… unconsciously surrounding the mental by archetypal methodologies! But as wisdom often takes refuges to common places, exploring folk’s traditional creations may sometimes unveil hidden treasures. The natural relation between form and content, between structure and signification was the ruff material for Negura Bunget’s lyrical shaping. An autochthon active and magic spiritual participation… timeless…

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