The 4th Negura Bunget phase… the principle of 4 (four). The natural form, of the Universe to manifests itself (the 4 seasons, the 4 phases of the moon, the 4 moments of the day, the 4 winds, the 4 cardinal points, the 4 elements…). Macrocosmos’ manifestation in microcosmos, the most balanced and moderated form of the contraries to coexist. The Universe, the feminine nature, setting the 4 form of the contraries… moving the utter masculine principle, centered by the 4 feminine contraries. Initiatically and esoterically in decline in our times (with the start of the new astrological era), though no less significant in its intrinsic importance the principle of 4 is a form that needs to be activated, through the consciousness of the conscience (the awakening of the conscience) moving towards contemplation, standing for the initiation though mystery.

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