Is the water rising from the mountain or the mountain from the waters? Water is a primordial element, rich in interpretations and representations. The association of the stone as a symbol of eternity and endurance with the constant flow of the water as a symbol of transformation creates a universe filled with possibilities and an inherent musicality: the silence and peaceful mountain disturbed by the clear and sweet, hope giving and life bearing spring murmur, scratches the landscape and gape into a majestic and fearful noise of the waterfall. In front of such view man feels his own condition and the inevitable passing of time. The spring seems delicate but it patiently carves its way through the stone, the strongest primordial element. The metaphysical connotations of the water fill the image with sacred which seems to capture even the time. You can almost feel the local legend of the “Tăul dintre brazi” – from the fir trees of Carpathian Mountains (Retezat Mountains). It is said that on this very peak from the Carpathians, on “Tăul dintre brazi” water dwells, there was a fright surrounded by mystery – a sleeping monster that awakes from time to time, revealing itself. Romanian legends say that in Retezat Mountains lived human like giants and the strange nature is a reminder of their playground and fights. Even the name of the mountain – Retezat (Cut off) is a reminiscence of a time when legends filled the universe with endless possibilities. Legend told us that Făt-Frumos (the chosen one) ended the giants’ reign on these lands by cutting off with a sword of fire the evil that threaten the locals on the Cioaca Rădeșului Peak, the corpse of the giant turned into a swampy lake, “Tăul Spurcat” (The filthy water). Today you can visit all these places on the Retezat Mountain Natural Reservation, from the Carpathian Mountains.

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