The lands of Transilvania tell a story in which the main characters are the hills, the mountains, the waters… curly landforms longing for infinity reveal a complex local spirituality carved in the very land we live in. The passage from the hills to the valleys carves traces on the soul and reveals a certain space and a distinctive Romanian feeling. From the mountains to the valley the eye meets gently the surface that looks peaceful and quiet but as it focuses, details from the depths of the water challenge the imagination. Strange textures, forms, colors awake the curiosity and incite the mind. The reflection of the water transcends you in an aquatic universe where from the deeps of the valley evil is watching. The stillness of the water is troubled by the bad feeling that something is about to happen… things, images, and sounds merely felt. The legends say about the giants that created small yet often deep waters called – TĂU, where you can almost see supernatural beings, mysteries and worlds that still await to be revealed. Witchcraft stories steal your attention and the nature invites you to dream. Worlds melting crush the equilibrium of the time in a romance story whose characters break the societal order and the universal balance. Two young people decided to get married against societal rules but the young man died in a battle. The young bride-to-be decided to recall the departed loved one from the grave with the help of a witch. One night the man came from the dead as a ghost but from the sky a thunder came down and punished them by turning them into rocks.

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