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28th December 3015 – Negura Bunget Statement 2015

Now that we are coming to the end of 2015, it is time to take a short look at what we did this year. For the first time we passed the 100 gigs in a year limit, an accomplishment that we came close to a few times before, but never achieved it. This year we performed no less than 127 gigs, travelling over 100.000 km by van throughout the entire Europe and North America! It was a tremendous stretch in terms of endurance, planning and logistics, especially considering we worked everything out by ourselves, and we are very proud we were able to make it happen.

We started the year with the release of our TĂU album in March, an album that got an overwhelming response from you, our audience, and the media, an album released in two spectacular limited editions (the 72 pages art book, and the handmade wood box).

Shortly after we embarked on our lengthiest tour ever along Europe, with 80 dates spinning around the continent, from Greece to Sweden, Poland to UK, Denmark to Malta, Finland to France, Lithuania to Italy or Spain to Romania. We had our share of thrills along the tour, got our van broken twice, equipment stolen, members getting sick and going home, we performed in a 5 members line-up, then 4, then even 3… yet no obstacle managed to stop us. We took each provocation as a challenge, and emerged stronger than ever at the end. Overall, it was an amazing experience that we feel have been privileged to undertake and share with you.

We completed the year with a 44 dates tour in North America, which only took things to another level in terms of experiences and thrills. With several members indisposed, and singer Tibor Kati denied the US visa, we started the tour with only two full members of the band (drummer Negru and bass player / vocalist Ovidiu Corodan). But with the help of our tour partners Johann and Andri from Dynfari we managed to pull out some special performances. We’ve travelled all across the Northern American continent playing and enjoying the natural elements, in an experience that enriched our horizons to further depths. We had the chance to also visit Mexico for the first time, and although we haven’t played there, we met so many friends and found so much enthusiasm that we are determined to make that happen as soon as possible!

We also performed in Iceland for the first time this year, with the help of our friends from Dynfari. As a last experience of the North American tour it was for sure a memorable one.

Finally, we ended the year with a couple of performances in Romania, including one at the Top T Festival, the place where we performed for the very first time back in 1995. It felt like coming full circle. Unfortunately, these last performances have been on the aftermath of a terrible tragedy that hit the Romanian metal scene, which made us all re-think our priorities and paths.

How did we emerge from all these experiences? More humble and grateful for the amazing opportunity we have been given! You can be sure we’ll work even harder from now on in order to continue this endeavor and take it to new levels. Thank you all for coming along with us on our amazing ride!


16th December 2015
Drummer Negru talked with Cultartes earlier this year about the new album TAU and the band evolution over the years. You can read the full interview here:



4th January 2016 – Statement 2016 – 20 years Negura Bunget. 10 years OM. New album.

2016 is a very special year for Negura Bunget, as several celebrations are coming to turn. We’d like to take this moment to look back on our past, take some reflections and share them with you, and then see what future lies ahead of us. For sure, we would have been nothing without you, the people that helped and supported us over the years. We’d like to thank you for everything, and let you know that our commitment to Negura Bunget is stronger than ever!

Firstly, in 2016, we celebrate 20 years of existence as a band (well, 21 if you count the one year we existed under the Wiccan Rede name). Then 2016 also marks 10 year since the release of our album OM. That has been undoubtedly the album that changed our path forever. Alongside with the 20 years celebration and 10 years of OM celebration, we will also have a new album to present, which makes this a triple anniversary! As we always saw different elements going hand in hand to create a wider picture, we are preparing a generously layered experience for you in the year to come.

The current line-up of the band, consisting of Gabriel Mafa / Negru on drums, Tibor Kati on vocals and guitars, Adrian Neagoe / Oq on guitars and vocals, Petre Ionutescu on traditional instruments and Ovidiu Corodan on bass and vocals is for sure one of the strongest we have ever had. In the 3 years that we’ve been together we performed more than 250 gigs all over the world, and started the most ambitious project in Negura’s history – The Transylvanian Trilogy. 2016 will see the second part of the trilogy finished and released.

But before we get to that we have a series of re-releases coming along. Aural Music will release a special edition of the OM album, with some extra elements never seen before. Blood Music is also releasing another edition of the OM vinyl. Prophecy Production will also release some special limited vinyl editions of our early albums (some never released before on vinyl), as well as a special collector box edition with lots of extras.

Along all these releases we will also have a wide array of additional elements produced to celebrate the history of the band, including graphic and visual creations, merchandise, old video and audio footages, and lots of other surprises.

The summers & autumn of 2016 will be for sure a very special period for us. We are working on a special series of events to celebrate this triple anniversary, with a special set-list including old songs that we rarely played live, as well as brand new ones we never performed before.

We would also like to acknowledge that we are at a changing point in our evolution where past, present and future arc and influence each other throughout time. Anybody is bound to make mistakes, and we have certainly done enough of them in the 20 years we existed as a band. We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for any of the wrongdoings that we might have made, willingly or unwillingly. If there’s anybody that feels we can make up for something, please get in touch, we are here to make amends for everything. At the same time if someone feels they may have mistreated us in any way, you can consider it fixed. We are here to start something new, past be past, bygones be bygones.

2nd January 2016 – New Instagram

We have a brand new Instagram page. Please follow us there for more visual experiences!

18th December 2015
TAU is “album of the year” on Goth Marks!


8th August 2015
We are happy to announce our North American Tour for the autumn 2015. We’ll be promoting the new album TĂU in US and Canada along Dynfari from Iceland and. Most of the dates are confirmed, but there’s still a handful to be announced later. You can check all the details on the Live section of the website.

23rd February 2015
The new Negură Bunget video for the track Schimniceste (TĂU album) is now online. The images for the clip were filmed on various locations on Apuseni and Retezat Mountains. The video was directed again by Daniel Dorobatu (who’s in charge for the whole visual content of Negură Bunget’s Transilvanain Trilogy).

6th February 2015
The new Negură Bunget video for the track Nămetenie (TĂU album) is now online. The images for the clip were filmed on various locations on Fagaras, Apuseni and Retezat Mountains. The video was directed again by Daniel Dorobatu (who’s in charge for the whole visual content of Negură Bunget’s Transilvanain Trilogy).

29th January 2015
You can listen and buy most of our albums on bandcamp now:

22nd January 2015
Online magazine Noisey is premiering a brand new track from the TĂU album – Nămetenie.

21st January 2015
We are happy to announce our European Tour for spring 2015. We’ll be promoting the new album TĂU in our lengthiest tour up to date, with over 70 gigs spanning across Europe. Most of the dates are confirmed, but there’s still a handful to be announced later. You can check all the details on the Live section of the website. There’s also a US tour announcement coming soon, and a lot more, so stay tuned!

17th December 2014
The release date for the new album TĂU has been set for February 25. The album will be out on Prophecy Productions on some beautiful digipak, vinil and artbook editions. Pre-order are already up, either from the band directly or from the label!
The entire website has been updated to the new album atmoshpere and content. Check out every section to discover all the changes.

16th November 2014
Another gig added for this month, this time in Udine, Italy, on November 30! Be there and witness some songs from the upcoming TĂU album performed live for the first time!

4th November 2014
We are happy to announce we’ll be playing for the first time in Bari, Italy, on November 22. All the details are on the live section.

13th October 2014
TĂU album completed! We are happy to announce we finalized the recordings, mixing and mastering for the upcoming album TĂU. As the first part of a musical and visual trilogy about our Transilvanian homeland, TĂU focuses on the natural landscapes, exploring marvelous places, with their myths, legends and traditions, opening a window to the past of these legendary lands. The album is scheduled for release in early 2015, on Prophecy Productions and we are working on lots of musical and visual surprises for you until that time. Stay tuned!

16th June 2014
We are happy to announce Negură Bunget will perform at Ragnard Festival 2015.

7th May 2014
We are deeply sorry to say it, but we are forced to cancel our entire US and Canadian tour as of this moment. Some visa complication completely beyond the band control are forcing us to do this in the last moment, despite the fact that we’ve been working on this tour plan for over one year and we already secured our work permits months ago. The bureaucracy wall we had to overcome eventually buried us. Needless to say we invested a huge amount time, energy and money into making this tour happen, so we are taking a huge loos now. But we are still here, and we will return! Meanwhile we’ll focus all our frustration energy into completing the last details of the new album TĂU.

6th March 2014
Negură Bunget are currently finishing the complex recording process for new album TĂU, the first part of a musical and visual trilogy about Transilvania. Soon after the recordings will be completed the band is embarking on a major world tour to promote the new materials. First part of the tour takes Negură Bunget throughout Europe again, while the second part will mark the return to US and Canada, where the band previously toured in 2012. Full dates are on the live section.

4th February 2014
We are happy to announce Blood Music is releasing a very special vinyl limited edition edition of our OM album.

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