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Negura Bunget – Virstele pamintului digipak

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Negura Bunget – Virstele pamintului digipak
Format: deluxe 8 panels Digipack-cd matt laminated
Info: Transilvanian’s Negură Bunget, today considered the BEST underground Black Metal in the world, are back after their stellar ‘OM” album, ranked number 6 in the top 100 albums of the last decade by Terrorizer Magazine and praised everywhere in the world as one of the Best Metal Album ever emerged from the underground. Vîrstele Pămîntului (engl.: The Ages of the Land/Earth) is an album about embracing your destiny, about choosing and consciously assuming a way of life. The earth is where we came from and where go back into, the one from above and beyond us. Understanding and respecting it is understanding yourself, your purpose and destiny… an album about places of the earth and places of the spirit, about bounds transcending worlds.

Jonathan Horsley, Terrorizer Magazine:
“Haunting and majestic, ‘Virstele Pamintului’ is a cinematic journey into Transilvanian lore and mysticism, deeply transcendent and gripping. Eclipsing ‘Om’ with a chilling sense of immediacy, this is an album of breathtaking subtlety and grace that further positions its creators in the left-field of black metal, taking the oft-dogmatic genre through uncharted plains of spirituality, creativity and soul.”

Geert Struyven , Rock Tribune Magazine:
“Although the year has just started, something tells me that it might just be very hard to do better than Negura Bunget did!” 96/100

Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann, Rock Hard Magazine:
“…perhaps the best folk/black metal album of all time! …” 10/10

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