Tărîm vîlhovnicesc / Realms of sorcery

The lands of Transilvania tell a story in which the main characters are the hills, the mountains, the waters… curly landforms longing for infinity reveal a complex local spirituality carved in the very land we live in. The passage from the hills to the valleys carves...

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Curgerea muntelui / The endless flow of the mountain

Is the water rising from the mountain or the mountain from the waters? Water is a primordial element, rich in interpretations and representations. The association of the stone as a symbol of eternity and endurance with the constant flow of the water as a symbol of...

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Izbucul Galbenei / At the river’s origin

From the source to the river mouth, Izbucul Galbenei breaks down from the depths of Cetățile Ponorului Mountain and seems to ride the mountains, crossing to the other side, getting down quickly through narrow spaces and spectacular waterfalls to the plane space of the...

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Transilvanian Spirituality

One of the most important concepts for us is the Transilvanian Spirituality. We see this Transilvanian Spirituality as a complex of practices and beliefs gathered around our lands over the millenniums, some still active even today in the local archaic folklore. Its...

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The principle of 4 (four)

The 4th Negura Bunget phase… the principle of 4 (four). The natural form, of the Universe to manifests itself (the 4 seasons, the 4 phases of the moon, the 4 moments of the day, the 4 winds, the 4 cardinal points, the 4 elements…). Macrocosmos’ manifestation in...

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Spiritual Background

Manifesting the Will of the Universe… Negura Bunget... foggy black above deep, dark, dense, never-ending forests of mythical heights and atmospheres… Looking through the elevated magical significance of the fog, carrying the ancient sorcerers between the worlds,...

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